Breathitt County


Fifty Years Of Football: Part One – The Beginning

Honors to the Honorable

Spitting Ordinance Is Still The Law

BHS Graduates 39 in 1938

Breathitt’s Historic Markers

Who Killed Foch?

Kin A Feller Get Some Holp?

Breathitt Boy Taken in NFL Draft

O. H. Napier: The Man and the Myth

Faith Conquers Mud

Breathitt’s First Modern Turkey Hunt

Quicksand’s Stone Woman

Hargis Commercial Bank

Stephen Landrum Died April 8

Courthouse Loafers Beware

Mrs. Hargis Died at 64

Dalton Was State Chicken Champion

Buddie Spicer Died in March 1945

Remembering Breathitt’s Sheriff

Snake Valley

One Family’s Pain

Jackson’s “Doc” Hoge

Breathitt Had 2,648 Outhouses in 1960

Illness Fatal To Pioneer Citizen

Murder On Old Buck

Slate Fall Kills Neddie Herald

Abijah B. Eversole

Funeral for Eliza Clemons

Our Duty As Citizens

Dr. Dickey Survives Coup

Hollan Family’s Unusual Record

Jackson’s Forgotten Flood

Where is the Snake?

The Panbowl

The Death of James Cockrell

Corner Lunch Burned

The Marcum Family

Constable Killed, Shooter Executed

Goodyear Blimp Crashes on Breathitt-Wolfe Line

Jackson’s L&N Water Tower

Fowl Stories from 1954

Deputy Clemons Emptied Gun Before Dying

Oil Found in Breathitt

New Year’s Eve Dance Turns Deadly


Mountains Changed Young Missionary

Touch Men With Soft Hearts

Tragic Young Love Leads To Murder

Christmas Without Ashford

Breathitt’s Christmas Early Customs

Emily Crain Williams

Christmas Shopping In Jackson

Gone Are The Mules

A Breathitt County Curiosity

Enemies To The End- And Beyond

Jackson’s First Helicopter Visit

Times Editor Killed in Crash

Two Breathitt County Thanksgiving- 1947 & 1951

UFO Zaps Jackson Scout

Essentials of Life: Wheat, Flax, and Ginseng

Jackson’s Fogottern Dentist

Three Months of Booms

The Cardwell Family

What Lumber Brought Us

S. P. Lees Collegiate Institute

A Special Request

Breathitt’s Squirrel Plague

Family Dispute Ended in Tragedy

Tragic Death At Quicksand

Granville Turner’s “Suicide” in 1911

James Hargis, the Victim?

The Hero of 1923

The Breathitt County International Speedway

The Militia Invades Jackson

Store Shootout Kills One

Dave Collier Remembered

A Look At Breathitt’s First Industry

An Outsider’s Look at Jackson in 1939

What’s in the Time Capsule?

Summer Ginsenger Finds Body

The Cult of Jeremiah

Jackson’s Federal Building

Did He Find Her?

The Mystery of Flint Ridge

Independence Greetings

A New Summer Holiday Tradition?

What Did Green Trimble Say About Your Grandpa?

An Accident Claimed Garfield Francis

Jackson’s First Legal Saloon

Murder on Puncheon Creek

Where is the Haddix Bell?

Breathitt Memorial Preserved in 1940

Breathitt’s First Documented UFO

Breathitt County Teachers in 1940

Brother Kills Brother in 1892

Calliker Killed At Little

Breathitt County’s Chupacabra

Jackson’s “Mother” Died in 1938

Who Wants Hay?

The Frozen Inn- A Bloody Place

Happy Birthday, Breathitt County!

Remodeling the Jail – 1879

Squealers Gonna’ Squeal

Breathitt’s Demon Dog

Breathitt Hog Featured in Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not”

When Love Killed A Man

Breathitt Slave Whipped for Theft

Jackson Opposed the County’s “Crossing Tax”

Was it Charles Miller? We May Never Know

Remembering Dr. Gardner

The Hotel Jefferson

Killing “Bad John” Akemon

Beware of Lewd Women at the Courthouse!

Was Phoebe Banks Really 107?

Bach Become Kentucky First Blind Senator

Crockettsville Man Served as Adjutant General

No Insurance Policy for John J. C. Bach

Jackson’s Black “Klansman”

No Sunday Haircuts Allowed

Breathitt County Judge Executives

Are You Headed to the Poor House?

Jackson’s Forgotten Baseball Star

Where is Curtis’ Pistol?

The Great Udder Debate

The Collapse of the Panbowl Bridge

Porter Sentenced to Life

The Danger of Grandma’s Dress


When A Tapeworm Loves Whisky

Alligators in the North Fork

Exploding Dolls Hit Jackson