Independence Greetings

By Stephen D. Bowling

There is a long-standing tradition in the newspaper world of Breathitt County to include at nearly every holiday some form of greeting from local officials and businesses. These snapshots of what businesses were in operation are great ways to look back on the large commercial community that once thrived in our area.

As an Independence Day greeting of my own, I include this copy of page 12 from the July 2, 1970 edition of The Jackson Times.

Click on the image to read the business names.

How many of these businesses do you remember? How many are still around?

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those readers who take a minute to read my writings. I appreciate you and your feedback to my ramblings. I am grateful for the nation that we call home and for the many freedoms our “blood-won” Constitution provides and protects for us.

Have a great Fourth of July and remember the many sacrifices that gave us the freedoms we now enjoy.

Happy Birthday, America!

© 2022 Stephen D. Bowling


About sdbowling

Director of the Breathitt County Public Library and Heritage Center in Jackson, Kentucky.
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