Breathitt County Teachers in 1940

By Stephen D. Bowling

Through the years, thousands of teachers in Breathitt County have shaped our children’s lives. Each of us owes what we are and what we hope to become to the hard work and dedication of elementary, middle school, and high school teachers. College instructors also help us fulfill our teams and hopes. We should always be willing to say “Thank You” for their positive and encouraging influence on us.

Students, teachers, and parents gathered at an unknown school in Breathitt County.

On May 30, 1940, The Jackson Times published a list of every teacher selected to teach for the school year of 1940-1941 in the Breathitt County School System’s 96 elementary schools and the high school. We reprint this article to ensure that these teachers are never forgotten. How many did you know or have in school? Do you recognize any of these teachers?

Breathitt Teachers For 1940-1941 
Selected By County School Board

Wolverine- Ruth Hays and Roger Taulbee
Elkatawa- Geneva Miller and Levi Collins
Stray Branch- Geraldine Noble
Big Rock- D. J. Moore, Irene Hoge, and Blanche Adkins
Panbowl- Nancy Melton and Eunice Turner
Sugar Camp- Beatrice Eversole
Smith Branch- Arlie Noble and Dove B. Combs
Blanton- Calla Hounshell
Strong Fork- Hazel Holbrook and Mollie Joseph
Clear Fork- Matt Smith
Rock Lick- Jewell Taulbee
Negro Branch- Ollie J. Taulbee
Davis- Elzie Halsey
Morgue- A. E. Mullins and Maycel Fugate
Vancleve- Mrs. Nathan Pelfrey and Bernice Turner
Hampton- Wilton Spicer and Noka Craft
Johnson Fork- Zeke Jett
Five Mile- Caesar Joseph and Pauline Hensley
War Creek 1- Harold Hurst
War Creek 2- Alma Miller and Wilton Johnson
Mill Creek- Naomi Lawson
White Oak- Gertrude Hester
Camp Christy- Herbert Holbrook
Cedar- Marvin Johnson
Little Frozen- Shirley Taulbee
Puckett Bend- Mary Alice Bush
Lower Twin- Cirius Noble
Beginning Branch- Hazel McIntosh
Oakdale- Harlan Johnson and Henry B. Noble
Chenowee- Callie Miller
Bryants Creek- Miriam Brewer
Highland- Malinda Deaton and Selena Haddix
Jetts Creek- Mitchell Little
Four Mile- Daily Turner
Houston- Langley Turner
Turkey- Louise Terry
Shoulderblade- Martha Anderson
Rock Lick- Russell Reynolds
Spencer Bend- William Griffith
Spring Fork- Boyd Griffith
Old Buck- Woodrow Grffith
Morris Fork- Elmer Cornett
Sandlin- Stella Baker
Burton- Alex Holliday
Crockettsville- Beckham Deaton
Elsome- Alfred Griffith
Canoe- Roy G. Turner and Mary Sebastian
Arrowood- William Turner
Lick Branch- Cale Raleigh
Turners Creek- Johnny R. Herald and Zelia Herald
Bowlings Creek- Coy Turner
Altro- Ed Deaton, Sr.
Wolf Coal- Jesse E. Turner
Cane Creek- Mahala and Dosha Leone Bach
Beech Grove- Esther Davidson Deaton and Walter R. Deeaton
Raleigh- Sarah Herald and Elizaberth Raleigh
Strongs Branch- Wilson Sebastian and Kash Herald
Stamper- Mabel Stamper
Lost Creek- Edith Haddix, Allie Watkins, and Kash Herald
Howard's Creek- Carl Cope
Caney- William G. Deaton and Elliott Raleigh
Caney Consolidated- Clyde Landrum, Carrie Hunt, Margaret Lewis, Mabel Davidson, Alma Rhea Lutes, and Clarence Wood
Lewis Fork- Ina Noble
Leatherwood- Ora Watts
Cockrell Fork- Charles Smith and Pearl Watts
McIntosh- William Mullins
Upper Leatherwood- Von Watts
Big Branch- Luther Gambill
Lower Big Branch- Mae Landrum and Kash Turner
Sulphur Gap- Bill Davidson and Beatrice N. Deaton
Whick- William S. Deaton
John Little Creek- Bertie Russell
Fugate- James C. Neace
Wolfe- Roy Roark
Williams- Letha Landrum
Rousseau- Curt Sebastian, Ollie Allen, and Marjorie Lovely
Fletcher Fork- Steve Crawford
Miller- Margaret Wells Holbrook
Mudlick- Gordon Combs
Little Caney- Imogene Clemons and Ranie Bach
Caney- Graydon Taulbee and Neil Cope
Winnie Branch- Mary Jane Thorpe
Howard- Blenn Mann
Haws Fork 1- A. D. Carpenter
Haws Fork 2- Virgil Barker
Altro- Silas Deaton
Kates Branch- Dora Richie
Press- Beatrice Thorpe
Laurel- Robert Gregory
Keith- James Gabbard
Miller Branch- Sam P. Deaton
Washington- Bertha Campbell
Big Caney- George Noble
Quicksand- J. Wise Deaton, Pearl Childers, and Mae Turner 
Macadonina- Rachel Deaton

Breathitt County High
Principal and Coach- Robert M. Van Horne
Agriculture- James R. Deaton
Home Economics- Monte La Verne Holt
Teachers- Heleh Litle, Lucinda Landrum, Margaret Edwards, Jethro Amburgey, Teddy Curtis, Douglas Brewer, Nancy H. Bach, David Donoho, Robert Bills, and Juliette Lodter.

There are far fewer schools today than there were in 1940, and the power of the local school trustee has been removed since they no longer negotiate contracts for firewood and maintenance. Many changes will happen in education in the coming years, but we will never see employment numbers like this again in Breathitt County.

The BHS Faculty in 1940-1941 as listed in Yesteryear 1941, the BHS yearbook.

Read this list and remember those teachers who changed your life or who might have taught and influenced your teachers. Then whisper a “Thank You.”

© 2022 Stephen D. Bowling


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