John P. Muncy

Private, Company I, 5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, CSA

Private, Company E, 10th Kentucky (Diamond’s) Cavalry, CSA

As researched by Stephen D. Bowling

Son of Benjamin F. and Sarah (Means) Muncy

Born – July 1844 in Kentucky

1850 - Not Found
1860 Morgan County, Kentucky Federal Census
Division 2, house #247-247
     Benjamin Muncy           35
     Sarah Muncy              35
          John Muncy          14
          Charles Muncy       13
          Naoma Muncy         9
          Rosannah Muncy      7
          Lucinda Muncy       2
Military Service
Company I, 5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Confederate States Army
Enlisted- December 28, 1861 at Hager Hill, Johnson County, Kentucky by Captain Henry C. Swango for 1 year
Paid- December 31, 1861
Present- May & June 1862
Paid- June 30, 1862

Company E, 10th Kentucky Cavalry (Diamond's), Confederate States Army 
Present- October 20, 1863
Captured- March 9, 1863 at Hazel Green in Wolfe County, Kentucky
Transferred- March 17, 1863- sent to Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 
Prison- March 20, 1863- sent to Camp Butler, Illinois
Prison- moved from Balitmore Maryland enroute to City Point, Virginia for exchange
Highest Rank- Private
Wounded- September 21, 1863 in the shoulder at the Battle of Curtis Bridge, Tennessee
Absent- October 11, 1864 without leave at Jeffersonville, Virginia
Present- March 22, 1865
Highest Rank- Private
1870 Menifee County, Kentucky Federal Census
Dry Ridge Precinct, house #4-4
     B. F. Muncy              47
     Sarah Muncy              40
          John P. Muncy       26
          Charles Muncy       24
          Navena Muncy        18
          Rosa Muncy          14
          Mary Muncy          13
          Breckenridge Muncy  10
          Jeremiah Muncy      7
          Green Muncy         3

Married – Prudence “Prudie” Sexton (1848 – 1914) on May 8, 1871, in Menifee County, Kentucky. Daughter of William and Nancy ( ) Sexton.

1880 Wolfe County, Kentucky Federal Census
Precinct 7 Rock House, house #26-26
     John P. Muncy            37
     Prudy Muncy              30
          Albert L Muncy      8
          Nora A. Muncy       7

Was a “Campbellite” preacher after the war.

1900 Davidson County, Tennessee Federal Census
Nashville Ward 4, house #943, dweling #102, family #121
     Starling Brown            60   
     India Brown               53
          Lillie S. Brown      12
          John P. Muncy        55    July 1844    Boarder

Died – on January 18, 1907, at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky

Rev. John P. Muncy’s death announcement appeared in The Lexington Leader on Saturday, January 19, 1907.

Buried – unmarked in the Confederate Circle of Honor, Lexington Cemetery, Lexington in Fayette County, Kentucky

Information about Rev. John Muncy’s burial was included in his death announcement on page 1
of the Friday, January 25, 1907 edition of
The Breathitt County News.

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