Nimrod Kiser

First Lieutenant, Company A, 7th Confederate Cavalry

Researched by Stephen D. Bowling

Nimrod Kiser

Born– 1823, May 16 in Dump’s Creek, Russell County, Virginia

Son of- Ephriam N. and Mary “Polly” (Southerland) Kiser

Married– 1842, November 16 to Martha “Mattie” Childress (1826 – 1906) in Russell County, Virginia

1850 Russell County, Virginia Census
District 54, house #629-629
     Nimrod Kizer           	 27
     Martha Kizer           	 23
        Eliza Kizer        	 3
        Johnston B. Kizer  	 1
        Haney Kizer       	 1 month
1860 Russell County, Virginia Census
House #458-458
    Nimrod Kiser        	37
    Martha Kiser         	32
    	Eliza Kiser            	13
        Baxter Kiser            11
        Harvey Kiser            10
   	Cowan Kiser       	9
        Jackson Kiser           5
        Abraham Kiser           3
        Mary E. Kiser           10 months
Military Service
Company A, 7th Confederate Cavalry, Confederate States Army
Captain R. H. Hager and Colonel Clay
Highest Rank- First Lieutenant

His only service records is as a pension witness on T. J. Davis, Senior's application in 1902 for a Virginia Confederate Pension.  Stated that he served with J. T. Davis in Company A.
Nimrod Kiser completed and signed the “Comrades” section of the 1902 Virginia Confederate Pension application for T. J. Davis. He identified himself as a First Lieutenant of Company A, 7th Confederate Cavalry. No other record exists.
1870 Russell County, Virginia Census
Castlewood District, house #251-251
   Nimrod Kiser             	45
   Martha Kiser           	44
	Eliza Kiser             23
        John Kiser              21
	Harvey Kiser            19
	George Kiser            17
    	Abraham Kiser           13
    	Jackson Kiser           15
     	Mary Kiser              11
    	Martha Kiser            5
1880 Russell County, Virginia Census
Castlewood District, house #99-104
   Nimrod Kiser              	50
   Martha Kiser                 41
   	Martha Kiser            13
1900 Russell County, Virginia Census
Castlewood District, house # 41-43
   Nimrod Kiser               	77      Born March 1823
   Martha Kiser                 71    	10 children, 8 living
	Martha Kiser            32
        Lula Kiser              10      Granddaughter
        Frank Kiser             7

Died– 1905, May 16 in Dump’s Creek, Russell County, Virginia

Buried– Old Ephriam Kiser Cemetery near Cleveland, Russell County, Virginia

The Lebanon News
Lebanon, Virignia
May 26, 1905

DUMPS CREEK. On the 16th the Death Angel came 
and took our dear old father away from us, 
Nimrod Kiser, aged 82 years.  He was the father 
of 10 children, 50 grandchildren and 20 great 
grandchildren, nearly all of whom are living. 

Brother Kiser had a large connection, many friends, 
acquaintances and neighbors.  He was a good husband, 
loved and honored by all who knew him. The church 
and neighbors have lost a good friend and neighbor 
and the wife and children their best friend, but 
their loss is his eternal gain.  

The burial services were conducted by Revs. W. V. 
Self and Lilburn Kiser. Many of us will long 
remember the solemn occasion and the last sad 
parting of dear husband, father and friend.  

May all that were at this solemn occasion meet 
him in the land where sad partings never come: 
in the world where cometh no night, where the dear 
ones shall be gathered home.

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