Images from 2022 Challenge- Hike Eleven

By Stephen D. Bowling

Eleven hikes are now in the books and only one more to go. Who would have believed that just nine months ago a group of first-time long-distance hikers set out in the snow and cold for a ten-mile day? Now, most of you are not even phased by a twenty-miler.

It has been my distinct pleasure to meet and hike with most of you during this amazing year. It is the hope of the STA that you have learned to navigate with and without blazes, set up and take down camp, and enjoy the world that we are permitted to see along our narrow path. We hope that our little walks in the woods have opened your mind and eyes to the beauty that lies all around us.

Here are a few images from Team Boone’s hike from Divide Road to Bandy Creek Campground.

The temperatures are falling, and cooler nights are already here. The leaves are turning and some have already fallen to the ground. From here to Burnt Mill Bridge lie some of the most beautiful sections of the trail. We are just one hike away from completing the Trace for this year.

We are on track to have a record number of completers in 2022. Many will be glad to finish but many will miss our little adventures. Just think, we can do this all over again next year.

© 2022 Stephen D. Bowling


About sdbowling

Director of the Breathitt County Public Library and Heritage Center in Jackson, Kentucky.
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1 Response to Images from 2022 Challenge- Hike Eleven

  1. appalgal says:

    These are — and have been — so awesome, Stephen. I appreciate your taking time to share your hikes and your phenomenal expertise, so much!

    Blessings, Gayle

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