John Gross

As Researched by Stephen D. Bowling

Private, Company K, 14th Kentucky Cavalry

Son of Simon and Dorcus (Becknell) Gross

Born– 1840, February 20 at Old Buck in Breathitt County, Kentucky

1850 Breathitt County, Kentucky Census
District 1, house #274-274
	Simon Gross			52
	Darcus Gross			46
		Giles Gross		14
		William Gross     	11
		Polly Gross		9
		John Gross		7
		Edward Gross		5

Married– 1859, January 12 to Henrietta “Haney” McIntosh (1840 – 1912) on Canoe Creek in Breathitt County, Kentucky. Daughter of Edward and Jane (Haddix) McIntosh.

1860 Breathitt County, Kentucky Census
District 1, Jackson Post Office, house #235-235
	John Gross			18
	Heneretta Gross	         	18  
Military Service- Company K, 14th Kentucky Cavalry, United States Army
Enrolled- 1862, December 3 in Breathitt County, Kentucky
Mustered in- 1863, February 14 in Irvine, Estill County, Kentucky for 1 year- age 20
Highest Rank- Private 
Last Paid- 1863, August 31
Amount for clothing in kind or money advanced- $65.44
Due to the United States for arms, equipments, & c.- $6.47
Stop of pay for:
1 curb bridle	
1 watering bridle		
1 pair of spurs		
1 Enfield gun sling
1 waist belt

Mustered out- 1864, March 24 at Camp Nelson, Jessamine County, Kentucky
1870 Breathitt County, Kentucky Census
Precinct 4, Jetts Creek Post Office, house #
	John Gross			26
	Henrietta Gross		        25
		Polly Gross		8
		Edward Gross		6
		Daniel Gross		2
1880 Breathitt County, Kentucky Census
District 4, Jetts Creek, house #268-273
	John Gross			36
	Heny Gross			33
		Polly Gross		17
		Edward Gross		13
		Daniel Gross		12
		Granville Gross	        7
		Phoeba Gross		6
		Elvira Gross		2
		Eliza J. Gross		4 months
Union Service Invalid Pension
	1882, December 1
	Application #466093
	Certificate #825917
John Gross’ Federal Invalid Pension.
1890 Breathitt County, Kentucky Soldiers Census
Line 33, House #381-384
     Jon Gross
     Rank- Private
     Company- K
     Regiment- 14th Kentucky Cavalry
     Date of Enlistment- 1862
     Date of Discharge- 1864
     Length of Service- 1 year, 6 months
     Post Office Address- Jackson, Breathitt County, Kentucky

Died– 1893, March 26 at Kragon, Breathitt County, Kentucky

Buried– Gross Cemetery, Kragon, Breathitt County, Kentucky (also known as the McIntosh Cemetery)

The children of John and Haney Gross placed this double stone on their graves in the early 1900s.

Military Tombstone Order

Information about the first military stone that was ordered for John Gross.

The stone placed on the grave as ordered above was damaged by a falling tree in the 1980s and was replaced in 2001.

A new military stone was placed on the grave of John Gross in 2001.
Union Widow Pension
	Application #576156
	Certificate #522017
Haney Gross’ Widow’s Pension.
Henrietta “Haney” (McIntosh) Gross.

Death of Wife- Henrietta “Haney” Gross died about 1912 and was buried beside her husband, John Gross, at the Gross (McIntosh) Cemetery at Kragon in Breathitt County, Kentucky.

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