Images from 2022 Challenge- Hike Five

By Stephen D. Bowling

It was hot. It was sweaty. It was muddy. It was steep. It was more than 28 miles. There were creeks. There were lots of ticks. There were dead animals. There were snakes. There was asphalt. There were dogs. And It Was Great.

Hike Five of the 2022 Sheltowee Trace Challenge is now in the books. Only Teams Boone, Trace, and Sheltowee ventured out in May due to the Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day, and other schedule conflicts. Steve Barbour and others shuttled and supported the teams as they made their way from Levi Todd Road to Turkey Foot Campground on Saturday and then on to S-Tree Road at the head of Hooten Hollow on Sunday.

There was some mud (just a tiny bit) and several creek crossings, but water was in short supply. Trail magic at Turkey Foot helped everyone prepare for Sunday. Snakes were much more active and at least two large timber rattlers hiked with us. Thanks to everyone that made these weekends great.

See you in June. Hot days and some difficult trail await us, but the Big South Fork in the Fall will be the reward for your efforts.

Here are some images from the June 21-22 weekend.

© 2022 Stephen D. Bowling


About sdbowling

Director of the Breathitt County Public Library and Heritage Center in Jackson, Kentucky.
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