One day and then go.

zI write this little message on Tuesday night (November 3). On Wednesday night, I will leave for Georgia and should be on the trail by midday Thursday to begin my little adventure. I spent some time tonight to review and pack my equipment. All is ready with the exception of a few final food items.

I fear my pack has now reached more than 28 pounds with food and all my supplies for the week.  My efforts were to get my combined pack weight under 25 pounds for my first trip but I did manage to stay under 30. I am sure that I will find ways to drop that weight as I walk along and before the next round of section hikes.

I appreciate the opportunities that have been presented to me by my family and friends as I make this first walk. This trip could not be possible without my loving wife, children, parents, family, and friends who have been so supportive. They have been filled with questions from why am I going to more personal questions about how things happen in the woods away from civilization. I appreciate all the interest and support.

In the coming week, I will try to post something and maybe a few photos when I can and will see how much if any internet I can find along the way. Based on some other hiker’s experiences, there will not be much connectivity but that is part of the reason that I am going.  For those that want to keep track of me during the trip, visit my page to get update of my progress.  Go to the Book Hiker page and enter the password StephenB to follow my progress. I will turn on the tracking device when I start the trail.

I look forward to my great adventure and my return to Breathitt County next week. Until then, I am thankful to all those who will look after my little family this week and think of me as I walk.


About sdbowling

Director of the Breathitt County Public Library and Heritage Center in Jackson, Kentucky.
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3 Responses to One day and then go.

  1. Carolyn Robinson Green says:

    God be with you Stephen. Will keep you in prayer!


  2. Lloyd says:

    Best of luck to you on this adventure, Stephen. Prayers for God’s blessings as you travel.


  3. Terri Young says:

    Have a safe trip. Enjoy all God’s beauty.


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