John W. Ayers

Private, Company K, 13th Kentucky Cavalry

As researched by Stephen D. Bowling

Son of- Daniel and Mary (McFadden) Ayers

Bornabout May 1834 in Lee County, Virginia

1850 Lee County, Virginia Federal Census
District 31, house #1018-1047
	Daniel Ayers, Sr.          61
        Mary Ayers          	   57
        	Jestine Ayers      37
                Mary Ayers         23
                Jacob Ayers        21
                Rachel Ayers       19
                Franklin Ayers     17
                John Ayers         15
                Carey A. Ayers     13

Married– 1859, November 17 to Louhaney “Lula” Harkins (or Hawkins) (1839- ??) in Claiborne County, Tennessee.

1860 Lee County, Virginia Federal Census
Western District, house #87-87
	Daniel Ayers               70
        Mary Ayers                 69
		Daniel Ayers       18
                Margaret Ayer      11
                Frankling Ayers    6
                John Ayers         18       
                Druhaney Ayers     16	  John’s wife
Military Service
Company K, 13th Kentucky Cavalry
     Enlisted- August 18, 1863 in Lee County Virginia
     Last Record- present for duty in Lee County Virginia on 
     Dec. 31, 1863.
     Highest Rank- Private
1870 Lee County, Virginia Federal Census
Rose Hill Precinct, Jonesville Post Office, house #430-430
  	Daniel Ayers               80
        Mary Ayers                 79
		John Ayers         35
                Haney Ayers        28
                Rachel Ayers       8
                John Ayers         6
                Franklin Ayers     4
                Carry Ayers        2
                Mary Ayers         42
                Margaret Ayers     19
                Moley Ayers        10
1880 Lee County, Virginia Federal Census
Rose Hill Precinct, house #254-254
  	John Ayers                 46
        Druhany Ayers              40
         	Rachel Ayers       19
                John Ayers         17
                Benjamin Ayers     14
                Cary Ayers         11
                Samuel Ayers       8
                Mary Ayers         6
                Matilda Ayers      4
                Sarah Ayers        1
                Polly Ayers        50	  Mother
1900 Lee County, Virginia Federal Census
Balls Mill Precinct, house #199-204
  	John Ayers                 70	  Born May 1830
        Lula Ayers                 61     7 of 9 children living
		Frank Ayers        34
                Carrie Ayers       29
                Ward Ayers         18

Died– 1900-1910 at Rose Hill, Lee County, Virginia

Burial– Buried unmarked at the Yeary-Brooks-Ayers Cemetery on the Fugate Farm near Erwin, Lee County, Virginia with numerous family members including several children.

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